License cost to renovate the kitchen

minor work license price to renovate kitchen

As we saw a while ago in the note: Do you need a construction permit to renovate the kitchen?, there are cases in which it is not necessary to request a minor construction permit and cases in which you must do so. Today we will not assess this, but we will assess the costs in case you had to request the license. […]

Emotional purchase with Home Staging

Selling an old apartment is not easy, even if it is in the center of Alicante. There are more modern apartments and new construction housing in developing areas, and as it only has leverage potential (which is not bad either), but in any case the competition to sell it is higher. Since there is no […]

Home Staging + rental management

This time an investment company has contacted us to look for a real estate asset that would have an annual return of 15%. We carry out the property search, profitability study and decoration work. This property was in good shape, but full of antique furniture and outdated paint colors […]

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