Base Plan

Service Ready to move in, We create the Home Staging project for you. Ideal service for investors who want to do it themselves. 

Advanced Plan

With this complete service you will have the decoration of the home selected by our experts assembled in your home, Ready to move in.

Expert Plan

Our most complete plan and ambitious. We not only develop the decoration project, we also coordinate any renovation that needs to be done.

Sell ​​your home faster

An idle asset is a waste of money. An idle asset that generates expenses (community, IBI, cleaning) and consumes time (continuous visits) is an even greater loss of money. 

As investors we understand this situation perfectly, and its solution involves Interior Design and Decoration, a sales technique applied with excellent results in the United States and that little by little has been implemented in Spain. Home Staging masterfully mix decoration and marketing to give the wow effect to any property. 

As a result, sales times accelerate exponentially, prices are barely negotiated y The sales price can be increased by up to 25%

Transform your home: furniture, decoration and home staging for real estate investors

An environment READY TO LIVE makes the difference in the sale of a property. With Tú Property in Spain you can free up hours of searching for the perfect decoration, shopping or assembly. And you don't need to be a decoration expert either!

Whether you are a real estate owner or investor, your time and energy are valuable, leave the entire management and preparation process in the hands of a professional team, to achieve an exceptional result.

Our goal is to create a magical experience for your client, making Fall in love with your new home from the first glance.

Minimum Investment, Maximum Impact

Get amazing results by investing as little as possible.

Emotional connection

Allow us to awaken the magic in every corner, creating a home that speaks directly to your client's heart.


Unprecedented Comfort

Completely forget about the decoration of your property. We take care of everything.

Base plan

Service Ready to move in, you will have a Home Staging Project so you can do it yourself.

What includes

Price: 487€ + VAT

*The price of furniture, decoration, including purchase, transportation and assembly, as well as the coordination of reform/renovation work is not included in the price.

advanced plan

Service for investors who want a complete decoration service. You tell us your budget and we select the furniture and decoration, and carry out the purchase, transportation and assembly.

As in the base plan, we do an inspection of the home, take measurements and create a decoration plan for the home, according to your budget and the objective (sale, sale ready to move in, rental).

We take care of the design, purchasing, assembly and professional photography.

What's included?



Bus Routes


Price: 1.350€ + VAT

*The price of furniture and decoration is not included in the price.

expert plan

One level above, you find this comprehensive plan, which includes the previous two. 

Additionally, in this plan we undertake renovation work that the home may need, which significantly increases the profitability of the home. 

We budget and organize the different jobs that are necessary, from small repairs such as blinds, locks and electricity, to more complete interventions, such as the renovation of wet areas (bathrooms and kitchens).

If you do not want complications in your investment, the EXPERT PLAN is for you.

What's included?



Bus Routes


Price: 1.980€ + VAT

*The price of furniture, decoration and renovation/renovation work is not included in the price.

Your home staging service in Alicante

Often, homeowners are not objective when it comes to analyzing the presentation of their home due to the large amount of time they have spent in it. Our Home Staging professionals will depersonalize the property to get its full potential before putting it up for sale.
The sale or rental of a property is a process that begins with an emotional mechanism on the part of the buyer or tenant. This begins as soon as you arrive at the house and it is influenced by all the senses. The buyer decides if he likes the house or not during the first 90 seconds of the visit. For this reason, the conditioning of the house through Home Staging is important. Our professionals will help you prepare your house for sale with the aim of maximizing the chances that the potential buyer will feel at home and end up buying it.

En You Property in Spain We know that each property needs a specific treatment. For this reason, our staff will be in charge of carrying out a complete study of the needs of your home for its subsequent sale or rental. Our Home Staging experts also take care of the design of the rooms. Sometimes small details such as centering a table and properly placing the chairs cause a visual impact that you would never have imagined, greatly improving the appearance of your home.

According to a study by the Association of Home Staging Spain, the sale period of a house can be shortened to less than 38 days with these services, some eight times faster than the national average. Do not wait any longer and ask us.

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