How to read the electricity meter in my new home

Reading the electricity meter is a procedure that allows the user how much energy they have consumed in a billing period. Furthermore, it is a procedure through which the company invoices the amount corresponding to the energy consumed since the last electricity bill.

Nowadays, it is becoming less and less common for the customer to have to facilitate reading thanks to the widespread use of digital or smart meters. However, there are still some situations in which it is still necessary:

  • If the client has an analog counter
  • If the company cannot perform the reading automatically, for some reason
  • If you do not agree with the amount invoiced by the company

Therefore, below, we give you the keys to provide the electricity meter reading in your new home.

Who is responsible for reading the electricity meter?

The person in charge of reading the meter is the electricity distributor, which passes the reading to the marketer, who invoices the customer.

However, on some occasions, it is common for marketers to provide their customers with channels so that they can communicate the meter reading themselves: by telephone, through an online form, through the customer area and/or by email.

How to read the meter by the client

There are two types of readings that will depend on the type of meter available in the home.

The reading of the digital or smart meter will be carried out automatically and accurately, however, the analog meter reading may be estimated, according to previous consumption, if the user does not facilitate its reading.

How to read a digital or smart meter

In this case, the reading of the electricity meter is carried out electronically, making the intervention of the user or a specialized technician unnecessary. They are systems that have a remote management system with which the area distributor can read the electricity consumption of a property remotely and instantly.

However, if for some reason the user must facilitate the reading of their digital meter, they can press the front or side button of the meter, the screen will turn on, and each code will provide the following information:

Reading a digital meter1.18.1 CodekWh consumption
1.18.0 CodeTotal kWh consumption during the billing period
Readings of a digital counter with time discrimination1.18.1 CodePeak kWh consumption
1.18.2 CodekWh consumption in valley
1.18.0 CodeTotal kWh consumption during the billing period

How to read the analog meter

The reading of an analog meter is carried out by a company technician or by the user themselves and the figures will appear on metal discs.

You must press the front or side button of the meter, look for the code 1.18.1 and the number that will appear will correspond to the total kWh consumption.

Meter reading of the main electricity companies

EndesaOnline Form
Endesa customer area
IberdrolaIberdrola Telephone: 900 171 171
“Self-readings” online form
Naturgy  Naturgy Telephone: 900 234 000
Online form “meter reading”
Naturgy customer area
Total EnergyTotalEnergies Customer Area
Company offices

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