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Apartment in Alicante Ensanche--Diputacion €0

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flat in alicante carolinas-bajas €0

Ref. A1938D


How to buy your ideal house?

Get advice

Having the real estate advice of an expert is key. You will have all the information you need to make what will be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Protect yourself

All purchases and sales of homes are always made in good faith, however, legal protection guarantees a happy ending, we will give you legal coverage to guarantee your rights.

Sales Deed

Preparation of the signature, collection of documents, what you need and what you don't, situation of the farm, debts, etc. We take care of everything and we will be by your side at the Notary.

The importance of receiving advice to buy your house

Traditionally, it is usually thought that real estate advice is necessary to proceed with the sale of a home but not for its purchase. However, a real estate agent must also be concerned with the needs of the buyer, defending his interests without any relationship with the sellers or owners of the property. In addition, you should look for a home for sale that fits your interests, regardless of whether it is in your real estate agency or belongs to a private owner. He must put himself in your shoes and search exactly as you would, taking into account your priorities.

Having a professional ensures that an economic study of the real purchase possibilities will be carried out, as well as a market study of the available homes. Their experience and knowledge in the purchase process will be essential to negotiate with owners and close a deal with the best conditions for you. By having data from dozens of real estate agents, the advisor adequately values ​​each home that interests us and seeks the best financing.
Finally, a suitable real estate advisor must also have sufficient legal knowledge to guarantee that the property has the proper documentation, that it does not have defects or outstanding charges and that the entire purchase process is carried out in compliance with current legislation.

En You Property in Spain You will have personalized advice from our agents. You will not notice that you are dealing with an international real estate company, but we will put all our effort so that you can buy the house you want. Trust in our professionals. And if you change your mind, you can always rent your home with us.

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