Comprehensive rental management:
room rental

Because we know how important it is to have your fixed costs.

The comprehensive management of your rooms by €20* per month per rented room.

*VAT not included

Advantages of renting through a company
specialized in rental

Worth it?

Have you noticed that the companies that are dedicated to comprehensive rental management talk about maximize your income

Do you know what it actually means? 

It means that we are always available to re-rent the homes/rooms as soon as possible, because We only charge if the home is rented;
We resolve incidents (non-payments, maintenance, cleaning) quickly, we are interested foster the long stay and that the property is rented for as long as possible and in the best maintenance conditions, because it is profitable.

In addition, with our app you have access to the income and expenses for your income tax return.

That is to say, we maximize profitability because we strive to have the maximum occupancy of the property and take care of content and continent, thus reducing expenses and reducing the time frames in which it cannot be rented.


With agency
  • Occupation of the 90%
  • Stable income
  • Resolution of incidents in minutes
  • Lower % of incidents
  • Contracts according to LAU


No agency
  • Occupancy 60-70%
  • Variable rate
  • Incident resolution in days
  • Higher % of incidents
  • Contracts without legal validation


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No, we have a digital signature system, so that you can sign each new rental contract that we manage without having to travel.

Yes. Electronic signatures are a legally binding alternative to physical signatures. Both the EU and the US have a set of rules and regulations that determine the legality of electronic signatures and the application we use complies with all of them.

Yes. If you rent your home for a long term, we contract and pay for non-payment insurance.

It is, as its name indicates, insurance that protects the property against non-payments by the tenant(s). 

NEW, now with Tú Property in Spain, the insurance covers you up to 18 months of non-payments; legal assistance; eviction management and up to €3.000 in home repairs. 

Yes. In long-term housing rentals, we contract and pay for non-payment insurance.

We charge tenants between the 1st and 5th of each month, on the 20th you will receive your deposit into your account. This time frame allows us to detect any incident and resolve it amicably.

Comprehensive rental management: apartment

Comprehensive rental management
What work are we going to take off your shoulders?

Really, everything, since unlike traditional rentals, Our service does not end when the home has been rented, in fact it continues, especially from this point on, when the efforts get heavy.

What can we do for you at Tú Property in Spain?

1. Initial advice: We advise you on the type of rental (the entire apartment or by rooms), its profitability, the market price and possible improvements to get the most out of it.

2. The decoration makes itself felt: We continually compare our decorated and furnished apartments and the result is always that they rent better, rent faster and last longer. 

3. Pricing Strategy: Do you know what happens when the price is too high in relation to the market? Difficulty renting, bad tenant profiles and little continuity in contracts. And it translates to you lose money. Therefore, we will guide you in the pricing strategy to achieve optimal profitability.

4. Rigorous Filtering: We filter solvency to offer you reliable tenants.

5. The contract: Contracts between owner and tenants according to the LAU, to which we add Notarial Arbitration to resolve conflicts between the parties, if any. In addition, we will have a contract between you and us, with the obligations and rights of each party. 

6. Comprehensive Incident Management: maintenance of the home (breakdowns and incidents in general), change of account in supplies, incidents/disagreements with the tenant(s), insurance procedures, we take care of everything.

7. Payment Reminders: We send reminders and manage payments, guaranteeing regular income. Every day 20 receive your deposit in your account.

8. Default Management: We act quickly in case of non-payments, protecting your financial interests.

9. Management software: You will have access to our software to have invoices for services for your tax return.

Trust us to maximize your income and minimize your worries. Your investment in good hands.

complete management of your rentals

Non-payment insurance

Non-payment insurance

Paid for by the real estate agency. Only for housing rental,

Non-payment insurance

Home Staging

We decorate homes to make them more attractive, increasing their value, profitability and demand.

Transparent rate

We only charge per rented room or home. €45 plus VAT per home or €20 + VAT per room.

semiannual inspection

Semi-annual inspection

We carry out an inspection to monitor the state of conservation.

servicio of limpieza


We have an optional cleaning service, especially designed for room rentals, which can be weekly or bimonthly.

rent advance

Do you need liquidity?

We advance you up to 12 months of rent in a single payment.

rental management

Renting the property is the main objective of any real estate investment, and it is, at the same time, the part that carries the greatest risk. That is why it is so important to choose the suitable tenant, that is compliant with the payments and respectful with the house, and that lasts. A prolonged stay is very interesting, since this way the moments in which the property is not rented are reduced to the maximum, and therefore the benefit is maximized.

Why choose comprehensive rental management? What includes?

An real estate investment It is an activity from which it is expected to obtain a Economic performance. Manage incidents derived from having one or more rentals, pay attention to payments, collections, insurance, etc. they are activities that consume time and do not generate a direct return on investment. This is where the comprehensive rental management, which frees you from managing the property, allowing you to direct your efforts and energy towards your next investment. According to the Bank of Spain, banks grant, on average, 64,5% of the value of the home, an average that groups a wide range of banking operations.

Tenant search

Our team creates an attractive presentation of your property and invests in real estate portals to rent your home quickly. For this we carry out a quality photographic report and a suggestive description of the house. With this we can look for a tenant of proven solvency that meets the requirements for the default insurance.

Rental contract

Once the tenant is approved by both the real estate filters and the insurer, we proceed to draft the rental contract that will regulate the relationship of the tenant with the house. In the rental contract we include the Inventory, a list of the movable objects in the home to verify that their condition is the same at the end of the contract as when they were rented.

Likewise, we manage the deposit of the deposit in the corresponding regional authority, in accordance with current legislation.

Incident and maintenance management

This is the centerpiece of a correct comprehensive management and the one that frees up the most time for you. The tenant will contact us directly, and our attorneys determine who settles.

La payment management is also included. Between the 1st and 5th of each month we pass the order to collect from the tenant, so that the owner receives his payment on the 20th of each month. In the event of non-payment, we will notify the tenant so that he can correct it within a period of time, otherwise we would activate the default insurance.

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