How to sell a home with Home Staging?

How to sell a home with Home Staging?

Laura put her home up for sale with us in December. Well located next to Óscar Esplá, after 65 days and despite receiving numerous visits the house had not received offers.

At that time our team proposed a Home Staging intervention by Marzia, our expert. 

She was in charge of making this beautiful house even more attractive by adding beds and bedding and a simple living room that changed everything, since the house went from being empty to being habitable. 

After publishing it, the visits doubled. The result? sold!

Type of job:  Decor.
Customer type: Particular
Execution: 6 days
Location: Alicante, Spain
Sale price: €128.000
Time on sale: 15 days

Valuation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

«The customer's evaluation is real through an evaluation survey after finishing the work. We have said valuation available to whoever requests it duly signed by the client, upon formal and physical request in our office»


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