License cost to renovate the kitchen

As we saw a while ago in the note ¿You need a building permit to renovate the kitchen.?, there are cases in which it is not necessary to request a minor works license and cases in which you must do so.

Today we will not assess this, but we will assess the costs in case you had to request the license. You have to evaluate 3 points:

  • Management (normally carried out by a technical architect).
  • Fees, which depend on the type of license and city council regulations
  • Whether or not to put a container (if you have to generate debris we recommend it)
    • If it has to be placed, it may be on the sidewalk or street, so it will be necessary to process it with traffic or local police as the case may be.

Management expenses for minor works license

The management price is valued at €150 + VAT

Administrative fees

The rates are established by the Alicante City Council and are collected in the Licensing and Works Fees Ordinance BOP No. 12 21/01/2021. For kitchen renovation (replacement of covering - flooring, tiling, false ceilings -, replacement of kitchen furniture if they require work, plumbing and installations
) the responsible declaration of minor work is sufficient, which has a cost depending on the surface affected.

Affected surfaceRate
Up to 30m231,83€
From 31 to 50m263,65€
From 51 to 100m2137,92€
From 101 to 250m2201,57€
From 251 to 500m2286,44€
From 501 to 750m2403,14€
From 751 to 1000m2572,89€
more than 1000m2806,28€


It comes with 2 costs, on the one hand the container price, and on the other, the tasa to be paid to the city council.

The price of renting the contenedor, with transportation, collection and unloading services around the 250€ for having the container for a week. To occupy public roads you will need the responsible declaration of minor works and authorization, the cost is in Alicante in 1,48 € per day.

With all this done you can now rest easy, because you will have everything in order. However, an interesting aspect to keep in mind:

  • Notify the neighbors that you will be carrying out work, normally the president is notified with some advance notice and an informative sign is placed in the common areas.
  • If you make changes to the electricity it is interesting to request a new electrical bulletin (CIE) to demonstrate compliance with the regulations.

Minor works license: What types of work can be done in the kitchen

We have already seen that the minor works license allows you to do several things in the kitchen (plumbing, lighting, tiling, flooring, etc.), that is, aesthetic work and supplies. It must be taken into account that if works have to be carried out outside this framework, there are other procedures to be carried out:

Distribution reforms: The Technical Building Code regulates what the spaces of a home should be according to their use (square meters, ventilation, etc.). It is recommended to update the occupancy certificate.

Structural reforms: It applies when it is time to work on elements of the building structure (beams, slabs, roofs or load-bearing walls). It would be necessary to request a major construction license and have a project by an architect (or technical architect).

Renovations in common areas: Depending on the work, you will always need a permit from your community that approves making changes to terraces, balconies, patios, hallways and more.

Do you have any doubt left? You can write to us and we will respond to your query about the license to renovate the kitchen.

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