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Natalia Esp
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Very satisfied with the advice received, I went looking for a home and had the pleasure of being assisted by the agent Víctor who guided me and helped me a lot, with magnificent treatment. I do not hesitate to repeat with them and find the perfect home. Highly recommended.
Luis Amoros
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The service provided by Marco was very professional at all times. I had the good fortune to count on Marco and Tu property in Spain for the purchase of the house and its reform. The reform of the house was a success and I am very satisfied. Professionalism, good human treatment and honesty.
Angel Galli Moreno
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Very good treatment at all times. They gave me good advice on buying a house and found one that I loved at a very good price. I recommend them.
Silvia Conesa Torregrosa
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Very professional, Víctor attended me, advised me and informed me about the entire process of selling a home. Very kind
andres enrique
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We have had a visit from D. José in my house, and the truth is that he is a great professional, he explains everything as it is, neither more nor less, an extroverted, kind, friendly and professional person in his work, explaining everything as it is and answering all the questions questions you have, I recommend it 100X100 and I'm sure they will find a solution for us. Thanks for everything Jose.

We finance you up to 100% so you can worry about the most important thing

Do you want to buy a home but you are not sure how to do it? 

Tú property in Spain launches its financing up to 100% + expenses (see conditions). 

We carry out a feasibility study. And if we don't have the home of your dreams, we'll find it for you.

Do you need a 100% mortgage plus expenses?

We get your mortgage up to 100% of the price of the house PLUS EXPENSES.

Calculate your mortgage

As an example, to buy a house for €100.000, as a buyer you would need to have €20.000 to complete the value of the house and then another €12.000 to cover expenses, especially taxes. As we see, currently It is very difficult to access a DEL 100 mortgagemore expenses, because they only occur in very particular cases.
According to the Bank of Spain, banks grant, on average, 64,5% of the value of the home, an average that groups a wide range of banking operations.

Who can access 100% mortgages?

Historically, these amounts are available to officials or particularly creditworthy clients, because they have high incomes, financial health (up to date with their debts, have not appeared or do not appear on delinquent lists, etc.).

Among the main factors that help, having little debt or high income, job stability with permanent contracts. If you are in doubt as to whether you qualify for a 100% mortgage plus expenses Do not hesitate to ask us about your particular case and we will advise you without any commitment.

What are 100% mortgages?

With 100% mortgages, as its name indicates, we can finance the total value of the home, being able to access 100% mortgages plus expenses, facilitating the operation, since on many occasions the fee to pay is less than what you would pay for rent. 

Some ways to access 100% are have great solvency I offer a double mortgage guarantee (mortgages other real estate assets to cover the difference).

Calculate the mortgage loan

When you are going to hire a 100 mortgage it is important that you review the details. Is it fixed or variable, the interests are higher or lower than a regular mortgage, if you can get the maximum bonus contracting complementary services, is there an opening commission or early repayment?

Check your financing 100 with Tú Property in Spain

If you need 100% of the value of the home to buy and you want to do it with the maximum guarantees and the greatest security, consult with You Property in Spain. We advise you.

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The person responsible for the file, Tú Property in Spain, will use this information to respond to contact requests. The data sent will be stored encrypted in our hosting. You can access, rectify or delete them if you wish.

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