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We will apply the techniques used by investors

Get the maximum amount in the shortest possible time.


Photographic report with professional editing

We’ll display your home like you’ve never seen it before!


Maximum exposure in the main portals

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Reports and analysis of visits to your property

We will provide you all the details to help you make the best decision.


Negotiation and closing of the purchase-sale

We are committed to offering you maximum transparency.


Necessary formalities documentary and notary’s office

Legal, administrative, urban planning, capital gains, etc. Leave it all in our hands!

Our customers say

Natalia Esp
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Very satisfied with the advice received, I went in search of a home and I had the pleasure of being assisted by the agent Víctor, who guided me and helped me a lot, with a magnificent treatment. I do not hesitate to repeat with them and find the perfect home. Highly recommended.
Luis Amorós
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The service provided by Marco was very professional at all times. I had the good fortune of having Marco and Tu property in Spain for the purchase of the house and the reform of it. The house renovation was a success and I am very satisfied. Professionalism, good human treatment and honesty.
Ángel Galli Moreno
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Very good treatment at all times. They advised me well to buy a house and found one that I loved at a very good price. I recommend them.
Silvia Conesa Torregrosa
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Víctor attended me very professionally, advised me and informed me about the entire process of selling a home. Very friendly
Rita TF
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Very attentive and professional workers. They explain everything to you so that you understand it very well and they care a lot about you. I recommend them.
Michael Carneiro
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They have carried out all the procedures perfectly, very agile and pending of everything. I recommend it if you need to sell an apartment, they are the best.
Gonzalo Rodríguez
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They have helped me throughout the rental process, specifically a management person to whom I am very grateful. Always very friendly.
Ana Moreno
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Very good treatment and attentive. Always there when you need them. Recommended 100%. And thank you very much Marco for your dedication, time and effort to make our dream possible.
Luis Aristimuño
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I have rented a nice loft with them and I am delighted, they have made it very easy and they always respond very quickly.
Andrés Enrique
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We have had the visit of Mr. José in my house, and the truth is that he is a great professional he explains everything as he is neither more nor less, an outgoing, kind, friendly and professional person in his work explaining everything as it is and answering all the questions Questions you have, I recommend it in a 100X100 and they will surely find a solution for us. Thanks for everything José.
We are a real estate agency with values
We are passionate about what we do, which is why we manage each sale as if it were our own home.
Your success will be our success

When we embark on the sale of a home, we know that the owner’s success equals our success.

Transparent Process

We guarantee you a process where you will be informed of everything, everything, and everything! without hidden commissions.


What taxes do I have to pay to sell a home?

Selling a home involves a series of expenses and taxes that the seller must take into account when setting the starting price. The main ones are; IRPF.

Owners selling their property must pay this tax if they are resident in Spain. The percentage that is taxed will be the profit obtained from the resultant between the purchase value and the sale value. However, if the property is sold for less money than it was bought for, it is considered that there has been a patrimonial loss and, therefore, should not be taxed. In addition, if a homeowner sells his or her usual residence and reinvests the money obtained in acquiring another home, this tax is also not payable.

Municipal capital gain. It must be paid to the town hall of the municipality in which the property is located. Its amount depends on variables such as the cadastral value of the property and the number of years it has been owned, although its calculation depends on each municipality. Payment can be avoided when the sale value of the house is lower than the value for which the owner bought it.

Notary or registration fees. A buyer has to acquire the house free of charges, so if the house has a mortgage, this can be paid in advance or subrogated, that is, the buyer assumes the debt. In order to proceed with the economic and registration cancellation of the mortgage loan, different notary and registration expenses must be assumed.

Energy efficiency certificate. This certificate will have to be issued by a technician who qualifies the energy efficiency of the home, and is mandatory for sale. Tu Property in Spain has professionals who issue this certificate.

Real estate fees. Inside the expenses when selling a flat, the fees of the real estate agencies are included. At Tú Property in Spain we charge the seller’s fees, that is to say, they are determined by the selling price of the house. In this way, the amount before tax to be collected by the seller is very clear.

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