How to sell a flat in Alicante and get the most out of it

Selling an apartment in Alicante in the best conditions is the dream of any owner. We have been able to verify that the results are negative when mistakes are made that lead to an unrealizable sale.

Selling a flat in Alicante in the best conditions It is the dream of any owner. At our real estate Tu Property in Spain We have been able to verify that the results are negative when mistakes are made that lead to an unrealizable sale.

On other occasions, we saw Owners en full real estate crisis, sell the house after giving it more focus attractive and transparent.

That your country or region is in a good or bad moment to sell, does not determine the success or failure of the project. Next, we are going to show you some tips that will help you sell your flat or house in the best possible conditions.

Tips for selling a flat in Alicante

Before putting it up for sale

Before putting the house up for sale we recommend create a conducive and pleasant environment, where the personal touch goes unnoticed. It is advisable to take a prudent margin of time to update the house, thinking from the point of view of a potential buyer.

Must be good strategists and put aside the personal and emotional part that is linked to the time you lived in that house.

Professional advice

Don't rule out the possibility of guide you with a real estate agent in the area that has useful information. In this way you can know what prices are handled locally and how improve image of your home.

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses

We can tour the house to observe what is your strong point y attractive. In the same way, observe what brittle points devalue the house and if we can do some kind of reform and improvement.

Improve your appearance

Most of the potential customers are decided by houses prepared to enter and live. Making renovations can add value to the home and create space available to move into immediately.

Depersonalize the home

If we seek to sell our house we must order thoroughly. So that potential customers can imagine themselves inhabiting the house, we have to remove any glare from personal items. Remove family photos, collections, jewelry and clothing, add impersonal elements that improve aesthetics.

Do not hide things, better order

The buyers they walk and observe to the most hidden corner. Do not underestimate them and you are going to forget to put your closet in order. There is no uglier detail than opening a furniture door and things fall to the floor.

Eliminates unpleasant odors

We know that leads focus their gaze on the dirt and dust. This invites us to clean often since any strong odor can negatively alter the purchase decision. Once clean, it eliminates unpleasant odors and provides attractive aromas.

Every detail that you take into account inside and outside the property can tip the balance positively.

controlled expenses

We have to control expenses at the time of doing reforms and changes and value not what we want, but what the buyer wants to buy. You have to evaluate the sale price well, an excessive price of the property leads to failure or in the best of cases, to a sale that can take several months or even years.

Our home for us is the best, but not all people will have the same perspective. One has to value the house leaving aside the attachment to the property and sell from the point of view of the buyer, who is willing to pay.

excessive attention

Many visitors interested in the property they don't want to have the owner following in their footsteps as they tour the house. Too much attention can overwhelm and discourage potential customers. In this case, you can opt for a professional sales agent who knows the steps to follow well.

Keep clean

Before a visit we recommend continue to maintain cleanliness and order. It doesn't matter that you've shown the house 50 times, keep cleaning, make the beds and put fresh towels in the bathroom.

# Find a flat or house in Alicante at the best price

Mistakes that you should not make when selling a flat in Alicante

If you want to obtain good results when selling your home, do not make the following mistakes.

be inactive

Selling a house implies activity. There is no use posting photos on the Internet with a description and sitting there waiting for the miracle from heaven to arrive. Internet movements are valid and necessary, but not unique.

To increase the sales possibilities we can appeal to action and reach more people campaigning nearby, door to door.

Misleading advertising

Un irreparable mistake is to attract customers through deceptive techniques, non-transparent information and disguised photographs. The result translates into a dissatisfied visitor, who will negatively promote our sale.

Act impulsively

We know from experience that rush without the guidance of a professional they are bad companions. Let yourself be guided by professionals, especially when presenting the house, to see positive results.

sell effortlessly

Sometimes we consider the sale of a house as something simple, but the reality is quite different. behind a successful sale there is a lot of work timeeffort and dedication.

A common mistake that leads to failure is thinking that by putting up a sign and waiting, a customer will magically appear.

An example is the sale of a flat during the owner's vacation. The apartment was for sale for almost half a year and the firm crystallized, when its owner decided to take a vacation and leave the management during the summer to a trusted professional.

Show the house any day

General psychology tells us that It is not recommended to show the house with little natural light. For areas that are not sunny and do not allow other options, we recommend using the maximum amount of light possible through spotlights and light bulbs.

You have nothing to hide because what you are selling is in an excellent state of habitability.

We hope these tips will help you sell your apartment in Alicante in the best conditions possible and to be able to obtain the best price. Remember that if we want to succeed in selling, we must attend to the subtle division between success and failure.


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