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From 45€ (VAT non incl.)

Rental guarantee

We guarantee the payment of the rent at no cost to the owner.

The best tenant
We search for and select the best tenants using Big-Data-based scoring.
Property inspections

We carry out six-monthly visits to check the condition of the asset.

We process and claim the charges

We take care of collecting the rent and claiming it when necessary. We pay the owner on the 20th of each month.

Incident control
Lighten up, we'll only get in touch with you when we have the finished report.
Asset profitability

Updated reports of income and expenses from your mobile with a single click !.

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Rental management

Renting the property is the main objective of any real estate investment. It is both the goal and the final step, and also the part of the process that carries the greatest risk. You have to choose a suitable tenant who is compliant with payments and respectful of the house, and somebody who lasts. This is important and the interesting thing is to minimize the times when the property is not rented.

Why choose a comprehensive rental management? What includes?

A real estate investment is an activity from which a yield is expected. Manage incidents derived from having one or more rentals, be attentive to payments, collections, insurance, etc. they are time-consuming activities and do not generate a direct return on investment. This is when comprehensive rental management comes in, which frees you from managing the property, allowing you to direct your efforts and your energy towards your next investment.

Tenant search

Our team creates an attractive presentation of your property and invests in real estate portals to rent your home quickly. For this we carry out a quality photographic report and a suggestive description of the house. We then screen potential tenants with proven credit worthiness who qualify for non-payment insurance.

Rental contract

Once the tenant has been approved by both the real estate filters and the insurance company, we proceed to draw up the rental contract that will regulate the tenant’s relationship with the property. We include in the contract the inventory of the movable objects to check their status at the end of the contract.

Likewise, we manage the deposit in the corresponding autonomous authority, in accordance with current legislation.

Incident management and maintenance

This is the centerpiece of a correct comprehensive management and the one that frees up the most time for you. The tenant will contact us directly, and our attorneys determine who is responsible for the settlement.

Rental payment administration is also included. Every 20th day the payment order will be passed to the tenant. In the event of a non-payment, we will notify the tenant so that he can correct it within a period of time, otherwise we will activate the non-payment insurance.