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Home staging, speed up the sale of your home.

Do you want to sell your home in less than 90 days?
Then you should be prepared to give your home staging through the real estate agency Tú Property In Spain in Alicante.

What is Home Staging?
It is a technique imported from the United States that enhances the strong points of a house, takes advantage of spaces playing with light to get the most out of the house, creating the right atmosphere for our potential buyer to say YES I do!

What differences will I find with the traditional method?
Because an image is worth a thousand words, we will show one of our works where we go from “It’s that the kitchen needs a lot of refurbishment…” to “Wow! I love the kitchen”.

We are part of:

What differences will I find against the traditional method?

We don’t tell it, we show it to you.

Why should you use Home Staging?

Sell faster

We have been able to close the sale in the first 90 days for 8 out of every 10 homes where we have applied this technique.

Without reducing the price

In many cases, the home is sold without the buyer negotiating the price.

Minimal costs

We at Tú Property In Spain offer you facilities, don’t worry about the costs. Your goals are ours.

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Your Home Staging service in Alicante

Homeowners are often not objective in analyzing the presentation of their home because of the large amount of time they have put in. Our Home Staging professionals will depersonalize your property to take full advantage of its potential before putting it up for sale.

Selling or renting a property is a process that begins with an emotional response on the part of the buyer or tenant. It begins as soon as you get into the house and is influenced by all the senses. The buyers decide if they like the house or not during the first 90 seconds of their visit. This is why it is important to condition the house through home staging. Our professionals will help you prepare your house for sale with the aim of maximizing the chances that the potential buyer will feel at home and end up acquiring it.

In Tú Property In Spain we know that each property needs a specific treatment. For this reason, our staff will carry out a complete study of the needs of your property for subsequent sale or rental. Our Home Staging experts also take care of the design of the rooms. Sometimes, small details such as centering a table and placing the chairs properly have a visual impact that you would never have imagined, greatly improving the appearance of your home.

According to a study by the Home Staging Association of Spain, you can shorten the selling time of a house to less than 38 days with these services, about eight times faster than the national average. Don’t wait any longer and consult us.