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María bought a house in Campoamor with great enthusiasm, it is her first real estate investment for rent and she wanted to do it well, so she contacted the renovation team of Tú Property in Spain to get a good budget and a plan according to her objectives.

As you can see in the photos, the house was in a good condition, a good condition from 1970. So to get a house that does not give problems, we changed the plumbing and all the electricity, including the connection.

For the house, something simple but special. We smoothed all the walls, since it gives it a modern touch, and we invested in making a new kitchen and bathroom, while we kept all the elements of the rest of the house in good condition, but with a coat of paint.

Finally, furnish the house and put it up for rent with non-payment insurance.

You can check all our works here.

Reform Type: Full renovation
Client Type: Private
Execution time: 2 months
Location: Alicante, Spain
Intervened area: the whole house

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